Emilio León

Emilio Leon has been in the visual content creation business for over 17 years. His vision of client needs and critical thinking at the time of conceptualizing and producing top quality images has developed his professional career to become a multi-industry expert. Emilio's interest in learning about photography shaped him even before his academic learning years began, as a student aficionado he served as an assistant to renowned photographers, maturing his visionary thinking, conceptualizing skills, and attention to detail. Being able to conquer visual image challenges by applying his talent for combining art and technology, has led to being continuously recognized as a photographer, and creative director, within a very competitive industry. 

Emilio is not limited to images; his production experience allows him to be capable of executing full campaign productions from concept to execution. He is able to fully grasp a commercial, advertising or marketing concept and translate it into images. His skills, experience and talent allow him to create images that are professional and ideal for your business or campaign. 


Clients and publications

The many years of commercial photography experience have allowed him work with successful companies in and out of Puerto Rico. Some of his commercial customers are: AMGEN Mfg., LTD., Medtronic, Pfizer Pharmaceutical, Kimberly Clark, Vienna Restaurant, Black Coffee, Chili’s, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Margaritaville, OOF Restaurants, Walmart, Sam’s, Supermax, Hotel Verdanza, Gran Melia, Gatorade, Frito Lay, Atlantic Medical Center, Popular Mortgage, Rent Express, Yelo Spa, D’Royal Bride among others.

His work has been published in renowned magazines as:  People in Español, Phoenix Focus, Agenda para la Novia, Magacín El Nuevo Día, Mi Boda, Cásate Magacín, Esposa Moderna, Rosa Clara Blog in Spain and Sposi Magazine in Italy.